Honorable Mentions

Twenty-two (22) ideas were pitched opening night. Twelve (12) teams presented their work for judging. Several had completed working prototypes using the Raspberry Pi 3 with the TEE Virtual Machine. The three winners can be seen at the Winners button . This page is dedicated to some of the honorable mentions, projects that impressed the judges but did not make the top three.

Bitcoin Tip Jar for Wikipedia

ISSUE: The DIY tip jar with wires going into Rpi will definitely get some attention at tech events, maker fares, or even retailers selling electronics and maker kits. We hope it will spark enough curiosity so people would drop coins, and also inquire on how it all works. That will be our chance to educate on Security, TEE/TA, Bitcoins, and get them engaged and maybe sell them Rpi units or kits.
SOLUTION: Very demonstrable, intentionally DIY looking tipping jar module that communicates with remote Bitcoin Wallet through commands secured by TEE / Trusted Application.


ISSUE: Even if you install software firewall, malware can unlock it and send your sensitive data to hackers. Antivirus or any other software cannot guarantee your data wouldn’t leak. What if your business depends on the data? Or your life?
SOLUTION: Matryoshka is hardware pocket-size network filter, even if your computer is hacked, it wouldn’t allow your data leak. It cannot be reconfigured by compromised computer or virus. It’s between your computer and internet. Blocks everything except connection to only one other Matryoshka. No data leaks.

TrusTee Crypto Imaging

ISSUE: Surveillance and remote cameras are not always private. This includes: baby monitors, home security systems, police cams, and corporate security cameras; leaving them open to attack by evildoers. In fact, there are websites out there dedicated to exposing the footage taken by these insecure devices. Likewise, data can be tampered with, such as videos taken during crimes.
SOLUTION: Using the Trustee Crypto Imaging system, you can remotely access your cameras with TEE security on each end of the connection, in order to take secure, remote pictures hidden from Malware, apps, and even the Android OS on your own mobile device. Furthermore, this trusted pairing with the TEE assures image integrity – important when images are used to prove a crime was committed.


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